Music of Healing. Dialogue with the Doctor. Part 4.

336 pages, hard cover, book size: 60x90/16

The books in the series ‘Dialogue with the Doctor’ expand our knowledge of the Doctrine, completing it with new and important information that is crucial for further effective distance energy healing at home.

The Doctor continues his dialogue with the reader and goes deeper into the most vibrant themes: the Soul and the Angel, reincarnation, parallel worlds, information distortion, the Main Wish, etc.

The problems concerning body temperature and fever of unknown origin are analysed in this book. The Doctor continues to answer his patients' questions in the chapter ‘Diseases and Their Treatment’.

He touches on the subjects of both general medicine and Energy healing.

New Doctor's estimonies, people's comments on the testimonies and on the music the Doctor plays during his treatment sessions and in his concerts, stories of patients who have overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol — all this is waiting for you within the pages of this book.

The book contains the healing energy leaflet.

This book is not a manual of medicine. All recommendations must be discussed with your physician.


S. S. Konovalov